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Harvey Trahan


Born in Lafayette, Lousiana, Harvey Trahan grew up listening to Cajun and Zydeco greats such as Clifton Chenier and his brother Cleveland. As a young boy, Harvey spent many Sunday afternoons at the Bon Temps Rouler in downtown Lafayette, mesmerized by the rich rhythms of Cleveland Chenier on rubboard (frattoir) and the original melodies of Clifton on the accordion. The entire audience--a mixed group of young and old--and of different races, was usually up on its feet dancing. Harvey observed how music had the power to bring people together of very different backgrounds in a shared, joyous experience.

This vision became the driving force behind Harvey's interest in continuing the Cajun-Zydeco tradition. In 1997 Harvey met Leif Oines and, after their first jam session, realized that great things were about to happen. Before long, other members of their small Texas community--friends of friends of friends--joined the band. The circle completed itself. Harvey brought his Louisiana "roots" to the band, playing rubboard in Chenier's style and singing en français, à la Cajun.

Harvey uses the richness of the bayou sound combined with a unique percussive style to create a fresh and upbeat version of traditional Zydeco.   More than that, Harvey's enthusiasm for the music is contagious. Kids--both young and old--are usually up on their feet dancing. Harvey feels that the message behind each lyric and rhythm is unmistakable--let's share the joy!



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