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Who dat?

Zydeco Blanco was originally a duo formed in 1997 when accordion player Leif Oines met rubboard player Harvey Trahan.  Both musicians were newly relocated to the Blanco river Valley near Blanco, Texas.  Mr. Oines had moved from the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, where he had successfully headed up the energetic band Zydeco Faux Pas.  Harvey Trahan, a French Cajun originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, came to the valley via Houston, Texas, where he played harmonica in several blues bands.


As the new partners began playing shows in their Hill Country community, they met other area musicians and incorporated them into the band. First, a rhythm section was added to the band, consisting of Steve Lamphier on bass and Brandon Aly (of the New Bohemians) on drums.  Both Steve and Brandon had been playing together in another local band Jamadillo. They suggested their fellow Jamadillo band mate, Larry Woods, be added on guitar.  The addition of Saxophone player, Brad Houser, also of the New 
Bohemians and Critters Buggin, completed the lineup.  In 2010, Dave Bailey took over the guitar work for the band until he moved to Olympia Washington in 2012 when he passed the pick to his friend Justin Murray.


Zydeco Blanco's song list consists of original songs such as "Even Cowboys Like Zydeco" and "Emu Escape," that blend the influences of Louisiana music with the feel of life in the Texas Hill Country, as well as a strong mix of covers from favorite zydeco artists such as Bois Sec Ardoin, Boozoo Chavis, John Delafose, Geno Delafose, Keith Frank, Beau Jocque, and Willis Prudhomme.

The band's first full-length CD "Zydeco Blanco" was released in 2004.  Their latest recording, "Texas Ag Report", was released in 2010.

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