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Steve Lamphier


It all started back in 1976 when Steven's Uncle Timmy gave him his first guitar. Being an eager twelve year old, and his love for music, Steven began playing the guitar avidly. "My Uncle Timmy showed me how to play Blue Grass on the guitar", Steven says, "But I soon moved on to playing rock and blues bass guitar".

Steven feels music is his life's journey and enjoys sharing it with everyone around him. He feels music can be healing and uplifting for the soul. He loves playing the bass for a variety of styles of music but favors playing music that has deep roots such as zydeco and reggae.

In 1987, he moved from the Chicago area to Dallas, Texas , where he studied jazz and pop music for two years at Richland College. While following his hearts desire in music, he worked as a cook at The Cajun Cafe and learned the art of cooking crawfish, gumbo, alligator tail, and froglegs.

He then moved on to Austin,Texas in 1989. He has played in a variety of bands including reggae, rock, blues, and funk. Steven feels he owes a lot of his music ability to the three years he studied at Austin Community College of Arts / Music. He has been displaying his very diverse styles and abilities of bass guitar playing around Austin for many years.

Steven and his family have lived in Blanco, Texas since 1994. " I feel I've truly found home here in the Blanco River Valley....where the catfish are easy and the gumbo's always hot!" One hot summer day back in 1997, Steven met Harvey Trahan at the local health food store in Blanco. Harvey invited Steven to "jam" with him and Leif at gig at the Feed Mill in Johnson City. They have been playing music together ever since.

Steven adds a heavy rythimic pulse to the traditional zydeco songs and a spicy flare to the Zydeco Blanco originals. (Y'all come dance , now!  Y' hear?)


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